Amir Hossein Tarighat

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In the spotlight

Born on May 2, 1981, Graduated from Sooreh University of Tehran.

Tambak musician has been playing with Mahmoud Farahmand since 1992

The instrumental player has been playing with Mohammad Mousavi since 1994.

Tombak playing in Nova groups.  Melody.  Tariqat from the 8th year with Salar Aghili.  Hesamuddin Siraj.  Vahid Taj
Performed in Unity Halls.  Rudaki.  Andisheh Art Center and ...

  • First person of festivals
  • Young year 2001
  • Neighborhood Festival 15
  • Shamsah Festival 26
  • Inventor of Nobang percussion instrument in 1995
  • Playing on Sarmestan's passionate albums.  The beginning.  Elst Cup.  The Role of Imagination (Homayoun Shajarian) The Spell (Keyvan Honarmand)
  • Composing and playing the album Raz Khayyam with Salar Aghili and Behzad Abdi
  • Playing music in Enemy + My Movies, Mahouri and Carpet Documentary

Ambassador of the Iranian Dystrophic Association
Performed at folk festivals festival italy 2014-2015
casa asia spain 2016
Establishment of Data Orchestra in 1992 and composing and conducting the orchestra

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