The Eastern Quartet

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Creative Team Switzerland

In the spotlight

The Eastern Quartet is a newly-formed ensemble, with a great desire for innovation, overcoming musical and cultural boundaries, as well as a big passion and respect for classical music and not only.

The main goal of the Eastern Quartet is to connect different musical genres in a unique way, using our inventivness, musical skills and cultural experience that each of us have. So, more specifically, what we do is we take Classical pieces and we present them in their original form until a point where we switch to giving them a Balkan or Jazz flavour. Because classical music originally used to be very free and creative, we, the Eastern Quartet, do it our own way, with respect for the composers, pieces and the musical meanings.

Our repertoire consists of our own arrangements of pieces from composers like Antonio Vivaldi, Johannes Brahms, Vittorio Monti, Astor Piazzolla and many more.

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