The Folkloric Group Sumac Kuyllur

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Creative Team Republic of Ecuador

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The Folkloric Group Sumac kuyllur, with its meaning the nobility and strength of the star that comes out at four in the morning, was born on May 20, 1990, with the aim of demonstrating to all humanity its Andean folk music that is something indigenous and born cultural of the indigenous land of Imbabura, thus representing their songs, the traditional forms also making known the origin and transformation of each of our ancestors that formerly they were the beauty, strength and wisdom before us, who with their Talent demonstrated their ability with their hands to create any kind of music and crafts.

Segundo Morales Chiza, Franklin Enrique Morales Loza, Diego Armando Morales Loza, Luis Richar Morales Loza, Segundo David Morales Loza

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