Mama Sadio et Sunu Jant

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In the spotlight

Mama Sadio and her group Sunu Jant formed in 2007 in the city of Saint-Louis Senegal. The group’s music is a truly unique blend of traditional and global soundscapes. Mama’s soaring melodies written in Wolof, Balante, Mandinke,Serer and French are reminiscent of the unmistakable style of Senegalese singers like Baaba Maal and Youssou N’Dour. The diverse instrumentation and driving rhythms blend the genres of afro-rock, mbalax, salsa and reggae. Sunu Jant’s performances come to life with dancers, explosive rhythmic breaks and of course Mama’s rich vocals.

Mama Sadio’s music is rooted in the traditional sounds of her Balante lineage. She hails from a family singers and musicians. Her father Solaba Sadio, better known as Solo Bourama, was a member of the instrumental ensemble of the distinguished Daniel Sorano Theater. Inspired by her heritage and driven by a passion for composing and performing, Mama decided to move to Saint-Louis to join a thriving artistic community. Since the formation of her group Sunu Jant in 2007, the group has received both national and international recognition. Notable performances have included the Festival du Jazz and the Festival Mondial d’Arts-Negres in Saint-Louis, the Daniel Sorano Theater in Dakar, and two international tours in Italy and France in 2016.

Mama Sadio and Sunu Jant have always centered social activism and collaboration at the heart of their work. Their song and accompanying video “Riz de la Vallée” was written and created in partnership with AfricaRice, an organization committed to poverty alleviation and food security in Africa. The group’s 2012 debut album “L’excision” was a call for gender equality. Sunu Jant’s most recent album “Diar Diar” was released in 2017 and received national recognition around the country. Most recently, Mama Sadio in partnership with the French artist Electro Baobab has led outreach programs in local schools, offering young women the opportunity to sing and record in a professional studio.
Sunu Jant is truly music of the world, bridging borders and connecting audiences while uplifting the unique languages, sounds and instrumentation of Senegal.

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