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Creative Team Russian Federation

In the spotlight

The "Sax-Time" ensemble was formed in 2013 at the center for aesthetic education children "Mozart". The band regularly performs at various concert venues Moscow, is a laureate of international, all-Russian, interregional and Moscow city festivals and competitions, including: international military music festival "Spasskaya tower" (2016), III Review competition creative collectives of Moscow "for the Sake of life on Earth" (2018), Moscow children's theater festival of national cultures "My home-Moscow " (2018), Open festival instrumental performance skills "Music of the XX-XXI centuries" (Moscow, 2019), All-Russian competition for children and youth "Music Olympus Festival" (Moscow, 2019), "Jazz spring" festival and competition in Moscow as part of the Moscow city competition program "New peaks" (2019), Interregional festival of young performers "Zvonkaya Kapel" (Moscow, 2019), Moscow international music festival Moscow Sounds festival (2019), an Open Moscow city festival "Velichalnaya Rossiya" (2019, 2020), Moscow city open festival youth creativity "Blues without borders" (2020), Moscow international music festival "We are for peace" (2020), all-Russian Festival "Cranes of Victory "(Moscow, 2020) and others.

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