Arsam Babaei

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Individual performer Islamic Republic of Iran

In the spotlight

Arsam Babaei was Born 1995 in Tabriz, He grew up in a musical family and started to learn music at the age of 3 using the Tombak drum. As his interest in Persian traditional music grew, he began to learn Iranian music and its traditional methods of musical technique. At 12 years old, he started to play Kamancheh string instruments professionally and he mastered to the point of achieving advanced skills of great masters such as 'Saba' and 'Khaleghi' methods. With his family, he spent some time in England and then alone in 2008-2009. There, he lived and studied at the Special Art and Media School (Abbeydale Grange School) in Sheffield. You will often hear him say that his time spent in England gave him great experience in working with new technologies using media and electronic devices of music production. Back in Iran, he decided to invent a new instrument called the Kamalin, a hybrid instrument between the Kamancheh and the Violin. This new invention was admired successfully by the many great masters of music in Iran. He graduated as a Math major in high school and was subsequently accepted in Buali Sina University; by studying English translations as his major, he finished his BA period after 4 years in 2017. At the moment he is a M.A student of Linguistics in one of the most high impact universities of Iran which is Shahid Beheshti University. where he is presently going to continue his career in PhD next year.

On september 2013, he started a partnership with famous Iranian pop singer Shahram Shokoohi. He has been playing in his band over 160 times-concerts, and appears on his last two recorded albums. As to be a Soloist player with other famous pop bands, he has been recently collaborating with Ali Lohrasbi, Mehdi Jahani, and Ajam Band. In 2014 he was part of a great project called Zendegi Zibast in Poland, in order to play in an international band and project. This collaboration with artists such as Marek Jakubowicz, Ania Sandowicz, and Anna Chong, was a wonderful opportunity for him and his career and gave Arsam great experience.

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