VAKALI drum and dance group

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Group  VAKALI  is created in 2000 from Yavor Doychinov with the idea of a new musical dancing format, where performers are prepared to be both musicians and dancers. The repertoire of the group represents an original drum show composed of instrumentals and dancing performances, which give an interpretation to Bulgarian rhythms and uneven measures by means of contemporary music and dancing. “Vakali” means “inciting” and refers to feelings and emotions caused in the audience by intense sound and attractive dance choreography.

The unique style of the group comes as a result of the original music and choreography and the innovative approach in using musical instruments and the dance props. The live contact with the audience not only aims to produce a good program, but also shows art in the form of conception and color, which interacts with the audience on different levels and causes emotional incitement, leaving a strong and lasting impression.

Vakali participate as special guests in many of the major, prestigious events in Bulgaria: Music Idol, Eurovision, Dancing Stars, the Bulgarian Christmas, Slavi show, Supermodel Fordmodels, Best Models, BG Radio Awards, etc. Group participate also in opening of emblematic events of many ministries, state agencies, municipalities, as well as in the celebrations of financial institutions and leading companies such as: Lukoil, Shell, Toyota, Dodge, Suzuki, Fiat, Volkswagen, Sony, Siemens, JVC, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Bulgarian National Bank, Biochim Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, K.P.M.G., Militzer and Munch, Lufthansa, Praktiker, Billa, Technomarket and many others.
Abroad Group Vakali gave concerts in Germany, Netherlands, Serbia, Ireland, Taiwan, Slovakia, Italy, Romania, Greece, and China.

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