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Berber music is a traditional indigenous music from North Africa shared by the Berber populations, presenting a great variety of styles according to the regions and spread particularly by the popular music of Souss, Rif and the Middle Atlas in Morocco, music popular music from Kabylia and the Aures in Algeria, Berber music from Tunisia and Libya, and Tuareg music from Algeria, Libya, Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso, etc. The instruments used are the bendir (drum on frame called allun in Berber), the Imzad (monochord fiddle), the tamja (oblique reed flute) or the azamar (double clarinet), which punctuate the songs and dances accompanied rich Berber poetry.

Berber music, considered a form of expression of the original Libyan soul, is transmitted from generation to generation. It experienced a real boom in the 1930s.

The dances are practiced during the festivities, at nightfall, around a large wood fire. The members of the musical groups - men and women - are always dressed in their traditional clothes. Rhythm is the fundamental dimension of this music, and dance always accompanies Berber songs.

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