Ana-Maria Mureșan

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Individual performer Romania

In the spotlight

Music starts from the heart and addresses the hearts - George Enescu" Music taught me to convey my feelings in the most sincere and beautiful way. For me, music is the fulfillment that fills my heart when I make those who listen to me happy and when they find themselves in those verses. Due to the passion I discovered for folk music, I graduated from the "IlieMicu Folk School of Arts and Crafts" in Sibiu, and now I am a second year master student. I am a member of the Dorian Sibiu Cultural Association, coordinated by Izabela Tomița Popescu together with her husband Gabriel Popescu, conductor of the "Junii Sibiului" orchestra.

Along with this folk group, we made musical prints with which we stood out in a special way, having numerous important performances, both national and international. I am the winner of the "Florile Oltului" Festival with the Special Prize of the contest. Due to the achievements I obtained I managed to print my first song called "Poor Paths" and I am currently working on the second song to make a CD with the group I belong to. This passion I have for folk song I discovered it thanks to my grandfather who really wanted me to follow popular music. Being very young at the time, I understood my grandfather's words when I was growing up and I went on to participate in the preselections of the popular art school. For all these reasons, music is so special to me.

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