Elisabetta Armani

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Individual performer Italian Republic

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Elisabetta Armani is 22 years old, she was born in Pisa and she lives in Rosignano Solvay Livorno,Tuscany, Italy. She inherited her passion for singing from her maternal grandfather and already at the age of four in kindergarten she "delighted" everyone by humming songs she had created. At 11 she began studying singing with Fabiola Blandina, a teacher from his country. After high school, from September 2017 he attended the degree course in Economics and Management at the University of Pisa. She has been followed by Musicamia since 2016 with Vincenzo Masini project manager and vocal-coach Sabrina Ceccarelli. He studied a little bit of guitar. Numerous her Live performances both for guests and for participation in festivals of a national nature such as The new voices of Castrocaro in 2016, Area Sanremo 2017, she was also a finalist of the Italian International Song Festival 2017, of the Summer Festival of Piombino 2019, of the prize "Mimì Sara" in the unpublished 2019 category and selected for the show "Happy birthday Mimì" at the Nuovo theater in Milan. In December 2017, his first song was released: "Tutto si fermò" written by G. Iozzi, A. Secci and F. Gentile, of which the official video clip was also released and is the result of a project that will see Elizabeth also involved in the writing texts. The song released on December 11 on all digital stores with the Krishna label, achieved almost unexpected success, remaining for 3 days in the top three of the best-selling places on Amazon Music. Also noteworthy is the radio and television success with multiple passages and interviews. After the winter success of "Tutto Si Fermò", Elisabetta Armani also pushed by the social people who follow her a lot also on her youtube channel, she wanted to create a funny song that had that Latin touch but in English with a melody that made you dance people in the summer. The song “Don’t let it go” was proposed to Elisabetta from production, after expressing the desire to record a song for her new album, she climbed the charts remaining for a few days in Amazon's top ten dance. The video was made by Stefano La Mendola between the sea and the countryside of Vada (LI) with the participation of many young people to dance with Elizabeth at the typically summer rhythm and multiple colors. During the summer she participated in various events and shows singing her songs and also covers, she was invited by Giovanni Germanelli as a guest at the Piombino 2018 "Summer Festival"; he also had the opportunity to present the final evening of the beauty contest organized by the newspaper "Il Tirreno". During the month of August 2018 she was engaged in the preparation of her third branuscript by Chiara Nikita Masini, accompanied by the related video, which participated in the selections of Sanremo2019.

The song "The habit" was released on all digital stores on February 5, 2019 during which a "Click-day" was organized on Elisabetta's facebook page, where it was possible to obtain the song on Amazon Music and thus allow the rise of the song on the charts, while the video (shot in Pisa) was released on February 8th. The model and influencer Irene Sagona also took part in the shooting, playing a fundamental role in understanding the meaning of the individual, which was then repeated at various live events. Finally, in August 2019, the last single of the artist "Sabato sera" was released, written by Chiara Nikita Masini and arranged by Nicco Verrienti, a lively and sparkling song but at the same time rich in content and meaning that led Elizabeth to participate in the final of the Piombino Summer Festival and the final of the "Mimì Sara" Prize in the unedited category. For this song a very special video was created so that it reflected the playful but introspective character of the piece. The latest song "Ti ho concesso" takes the entire artistic project to a higher level since it involves Elizabeth both in the writing of the text and in the composition of the melody, the result of months of study and writing master with the presence of Roberto Casalino as far as it's about writing. I have granted you is a song that digs deep, that proceeds by images making the listener identify in a world of its own, the video is focused on the "contrasts" of both lights and external / internal shots. It was released in late January on all digital stores and on youtube.

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