Percival Schuttenbach

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Percival Schuttenbach is a folk and folk-metal musical ensemble formed in 1999 in Legnica, Poland, by vocalist and cellist Katarzyna Bromirska and guitarist Mikołaj Rybacki. Both musicans, fascinated by Slavic history and popular culture, aimed for perservation and promotion of early Slavic culture in a form of musical fusion, adapting traditional songs to a modern listener. Percival Schuttenbach's folk project puts an emphasis on combining lively, catchy rhythm of folk and folk-inspired compositions together with the enchanting sound of early medieval or self-made instruments, enriched by melodic yet powerful vocals. The band's unconventional and original style was appreciated by world-wide audience by being used in many artistic undertakes, including "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" and "Monster Hunter: World" game soundtrack.

Percival Schuttenbach's folk project is famous not only for recognizable songs used in said games, that can be found on band's early albums, such as "Eiforr" and "Oj Dido". It's also known for the "Slava!" tryptich - a set of three musical albums, including traditional songs of East, South and West Slavs. Its creation contributes to strengthening the bond and cultural identity of Slavs by spreading the beauty of traditional music from the regions of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and many more.

The ensemble traveled the world and was a participant of many music festivals and competitions. Awarded with Wirtualne Gęśle Statuette (two times) and MocArty RMF Classic 2015 statuette (together with Mikołaj Stroiński and Marcin Przybyłowicz), Percival Schuttenbach performs folk-themed musical spectacles called "Wild Hunt Live" in a vivid, innovatory scenography combined with video projection, together with AVATAR Theatre's perfomance. They performed, among others, during biggest festivals in Europe, including Kraków Film Music Festival, Pyrkon Fantasy Festival, Blavicon Festival, Metal Hammer Festival, as well as during international ventures, such as  "Polish Games - Creative Poland: The Concert", organized to celebrate the establishment of diplomatic relations between Poland and China.

"O Mój Wianku" song, presented in the World Folk Vision Contest, is a traditional Polish wedding-themed song, performed in a lively, energetic arrangement. Its vivacious rhythm is a quintessence of Percival Schuttenbach's style and manner - catchy melody and intensiveness of female vocals immediately take listeners on a journey into colorful, joyful world of traditional folk music.

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