Ariband Fusion

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Creative Team Kingdom of Morocco

In the spotlight

Ariband was founded in 2010 in Morocco,

After a career in rap music, Taoufik decided to expand his musical style to encompass rock, blues, jazz and traditional music of Morocco played with a refreshing style unique to the band. Ariband is proof that fused musical styles have broad appeal to multigenerational audiences around the world. The band’s ever-increasing fan base is reflected in invitations to perform in music festivals and concerts around the world.

Ariband has entertained audiences throughout Morocco, Cameroon, France and the Netherlands. A frequent invited participant in musical festivals, the band won the prestigious top prize at the Festival Tanjazz. The band aligns their musical talent with dedication to a variety of musical styles to create an unparalleled sound. Vocalist TaoufikFakher, bassist AdilBekkal, drummer Hamouda, keyboardist Lotfi Mir, trumpeter Mohammed Benyamna and guitarist Karim Sbai have defined the band’s eclectic songs to reflect a musically rich melding of styles.

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