Sun Seeds ft Oscar Poncell

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Vanessa is a Chilean born Singer, Songwriter and Music Teacher based in Melbourne, Australia.

Vanessa completed formal music studies in Chile, where she graduated as a Bachelor in Music and obtained a degree in High School Music Teaching, during this time, she founded her first important musical project, an all-female 7 piece band “Bailawen” performing original Latin American folk fusion.

She moved to New Zealand in 2010 and then to Melbourne in 2014 where she started the band Terrasur.

Vanessa started to perform as a solo artist in 2018, playing her original music, using the Charango and Ukelele as her main instruments, combining rich and elaborated vocals.

Vanessa's music influences from a diverse World Music and Latin artists, modern and old, rescuing her roots through Andean music, with a hint cumbia and modern sounds, creating a groovy - earthy sounscape.

In 2019, Vanessa released her first single/video clip as a solo artist, cowritten and produced by the Musician and Producer Oscar Poncell (San Lazaro, Kunataki), featuring collaborations from Cristian Saavedra (Amaru Tribe, Quarter Street), Emiliano Beltzer (Amaru Tribe, Santa Taranta), Michel Bestrin (Inka Marka).

The single "Renacer" which means "Reborn", is a mix of South American sounds, mixing elements from the Cumbia beat, and a bit of Bolivian Saya, utilising traditional indigenous instruments such as: Venezuelan Cuatro, Charango, Andean Quena, Peruvian Cajon and the Colombian drum "Alegre", all put together in this beautiful piece that talks about the feeling of being reborn, starting a new life, trusting the universe and the stars, leaving all fears, pain and traumas behind and believing in yourself again.

The same year, Vanessa started her latest project “SunSeeds”  (, a 4 piece band formed by renowned Melbourne Musicians, performing original ethnic, folk/electronic music, that incorporates sounds from the South American continent, specifically the Andes region, mixing rhythms from Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Colombia, with styles such as

Cumbia Saya, Festejo, Son Jarocho, Lando, using the power of the Charango, Venezuelan Cuatro, Ukelele, traditional Colombian drums,  Electronic beats, Synths, all blended with rich Vocals and lyrics with a social and conscious message.

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