Kevork Andonian

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Individual performer United States of America

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Kevork Andonian is a composer, orchestrator, and pianist originally from Ottawa, Canada. He is currently working on his PhD dissertation in music composition at UCLA, where he has also been a Teaching Fellow and Graduate Student Researcher. His doctoral research focuses on musical polystylism and transnationalism. He has earned a Bachelor of Music degree from Carleton University. The recipient of many scholarships and awards, he was also awarded the Carleton University Medal in Music upon his graduation. He holds a Master of Music in theory and composition from the University of Ottawa, where he also taught as a Part-Time Professor.
Kevork Andonian has written for the concert hall, the theatre, as well as for film, video, and multimedia productions. His compositions and arrangements have been performed in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Armenia in prestigious concert venues, such as Toronto’s Glenn Gould Studio, Montréal’s Bourgie Hall, in addition to Carnegie Hall and Walt Disney Hall. World-class musicians, including members of the National Arts Centre Orchestra of Canada and the Los Angeles Philharmonic, as well as the Omaha Symphony and the Grammy-nominated Lincoln Trio, have played his works.

In Belgium, flutist Marc Grauwels and marimbist Sarah Mouradoglou recorded a composition by Kevork Andonian titled “A Longing for Joy” for the Naxos record label. The name of the album is Music for Flute and Percussion, Vol. 2. Recently, he composed a work for Native American flute, violin, frame drum, and piano, which was released on the album titled Aboriginal Inspirations. The work is called “Of the Dancing of the Spirits at Night” and the Native flute player for this project is Ron Korb, who was Grammy-nominated in 2016.

In April 2019, a song in the world music genre that Kevork Andonian co-wrote and produced with European artists was officially released. The song is titled “Tes derniers mots pour l’Arménie” [Your Last Words for Armenia] and dedicated to all victims of the Armenian Genocide. In summer 2019, he gave a lecture about musical improvisation and indeterminacy at the VU 3 Symposium for Experimental, Electronic, and Improvised Music held in Park City, Utah.

Presently, Kevork Andonian is one of the songwriters for a musical titled Fall Risk which will be staged in New York City.

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