SHODLIK National Folk Group

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Creative Team Republic of Uzbekistan

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The Shodlik Group is located in Tashkent (Uzbekistan)

SHODLIK uzbek folk group was founded  in 2005 to introduce the art of the Uzbek national musical instruments such as Karnay, Sournay, Nogora and Doira to the rest of the world. The group’s ancestors used the instruments played by the musicians.

The repertoire of the group includes Duchova, Bogim Bor, Otmagay Tong,Tanovar, Navruzi Ajam,  Ajam Taronasi, Segoh, Qashqarchay Safti Kalano (Part of Shashmaqom), Norin –Norin, Lazgi.

SHODLIK group along with his founder Dilmurod Mirzaev participates with performances at the various International Festivals and Art Projects. Dilmurod Miraev, the leader of the group, had cultural exchange project with Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama UK and performed on the stage of the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

SHODLIK group was awarded with the numerous Diplomas for the contribution to the promotion of the Uzbek national music and culture. Recently SHODLIK group has received an Awardby the President of Uzbekistan as the National Group of Uzbekistan.

The group has been several times in Austria. They performed two times in «Sargfabrik» in Vienna, in «Spielboden» in Dornbirn, at «kulturverein bahnhof Andelsbuch» and on the opening of the exhibition «Spurensuche. Vorarlberger Kriegsgefange in Russisch-Turkestan» in Vorarlberg Museum in Bregenz. 2019 they participated in the Uzbekistan Days in Vienna organized by KultEurasia.

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