The Strands

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In the spotlight

The Strands are a band out of Santa Monica, California and have been together since late 2011. Their music has been described as genre defying and their energy as passionate and compelling. Fronted by British soul singer, Amanda Campbell, they effortlessly blend musical styles, creating a genre fluid mix of Jazz, Soul, Blues and Rock.

On lead guitar is West Coast Blues Hall of Fame inductee, Richard Green, who plays elegant and restrained solo's in a haunting call and response to Campbell's world class vocals. 

On bass, is Strands' founder, Paul C. who plays both on the one and melodically at times, finding the perfect rhythm to suit each of their songs.

Lance Tamanaha, on drums, is somewhat of a local legend and he has just the right feel for this band, never over playing or over powering and joining the band recently is Emily Ashenfelter on keys, bringing her own style to their music, whilst preserving the essence of your sound.

Their music is both timeless and new. Their lyrics are always thoughtful and provocative.

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