The ensemble of dance "Farab"

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Creative Team Republic of Kazakhstan

In the spotlight

Dance Theater “FARAB” is a professional choreographic ensemble of the Republic of Kazakhstan. As leading corps de ballet in the country and beyond, the team performs a special style of Kazakh dance, proposing to the public a choreography of high-level professionalism, infused with deep love for the homeland and accompanied by music of a delicate taste.

The founder of the project is Aliya Shalkharova, a choreographer famous in the CIS countries, a trendsetter in the world of dance, author and director of ballets and choreographic scenes.  She is the creator of new dance forms and the founder of famous leading dance theaters in the CIS countries, such as “FARAB”, “OFARIN”, “EIFORIA”, which are winners and laureates of numerous international festivals and competitions.

In different years, they visited 82 countries on tours across 5 continents of the World.

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