Tatar folk ensemble "Zhomga kon"

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Tatar folk ensemble "Zhomga kon" was created in 2006 at the Kazan state institute of culture by professor, head of the department of ethnoart music creativity and education, candidate of pedagogical sciences, Honored worker of culture of the Republic of Tatarstan Enikeeva Alsu. Co-Director of the ensemble - senior lecturer of the same department Latypova Venera. The ensemble performs samples of oral, musical and ritual folklore of the tatars on a professional level.

They perform creative displays in the form of stage ritual performances, vocal compositions from tatar historical and spiritual songs, lyrical, game, and dance songs of different ethnic groups of tatars. These works sound under the accompaniment of the participants of the ensemble themselves on old tatars musical instruments: dumbra, def (eastern tambourine), kubyz (tatar vargan), sornay (tatar zhaleyka), kurai, harmonica, numerous percussion instruments. The ensemble restores the rites and holidays of the tatar people based on expedition materials. The ensemble is a laureate of all-Russian and international festivals and competitions.

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