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Individual performer Republic of North Macedonia

In the spotlight

I am Goran Vasileski. I am 29 years old. Мy profession is ethnochoreologist (my specialty is traditional dances, songs, instruments, costumes and traditional customs). I have a master's degree in folkloristics sciences.  I play a few traditional macedonian instruments. In my video presentation I play on Duduk, Kavalche, Kemane, Shupelka, Gaida and Tapan.

I am jury member of the festival of traditional instruments and songs "Pece Atanasovski" and it is maintained in my hometown Prilep. Also I am external collaborator of the Institute of Old Slavonic Culture, also in Prilep.

I play traditional dances in Cultural Art Society "Mirche Acev" in Prilep and I am deputy choreographer in that society. I have participated in many festivals in many countries around the world. I have won many accolades, awards and recognitions, individual and with the group.

I want to present the traditional culture of my country and the region, everywhere.

Best regards from Macedonia

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