Thomas Dimitrakopoulos

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Individual performer Greece

In the spotlight

Thomas Dimitrakopoulos was born and raised in Athens. There he completed his studies in music. As a student he was also involved in theater and painting, but his music gained him.

A graduate of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, he is actively involved in music by attending concerts in Athens and the countryside.

He participates in music discs and does radio and television. He collaborates with distinguished Greek artists.

From 2006 until today he has been training as a musician, thus turning Greece and playing his songs. 2016 is coming into the Greek discography dynamically releasing two songs in his own music: The words of sadness by the company "Mirror of true sounds" in lyrics by Lia Korra and Without chills I leave you in lyrics by Alexis Salas. In 2018 he released the song "Tonight I Want to Dance" and "Nice to Meet You" with lyrics by Vassilis Pappas and his music by Heaven music.

In recent years she lives and works in the city of Agrinio.

His latest release is the single "Red Roses" in his own music and lyrics by Vassilis Pappas. The song is released by Heaven music.

Extremely open and communicative Thomas Dimitrakopoulos continues his journey by creating his own songs and invites us to share them both in live performances and in the media and social media.

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