Eduardo Gomes

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Individual performer Federative Republic of Brazil

In the spotlight

Violinist of erudite formation studied in Brazil with several professors, including the prominente teacher Benito juarez.

In 1996 in the Unicamp Symphonic Orchestra he acted as a solist. In 1997 he specialized in nashville, Tenesse having lessons with Matt Glaser, Mark o'Connor and Claude Williams. He acted as a solista with Campinas Symphonic Orchestra. In 1998 Eduardo was invited to join the singers of Jovem Guarda, Eduardo Araujo, Silvinha Araujo, Jerry Adriani, Vanusa and Martinha in shows and TV programs.

He recorded GD's with Rio Negro e Solimoes, Bruno e Marrone,Cezar e Paulinho and Roberta Miranda. In 1998 he played at Expomusic (International Fair of Music) having a chance to make jam session with Frejat from Barao Vermelho and Direco from Quinteto Onze e Meia. Mr Gomes graduated from Popular Music at UNICAMP in 1999. He recoeded his Compact Disc " Tourada" in 2004.

The musician Eduardo Gomes comes illumunating with his talet shows, events.

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