Alexander Kashin

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Individual performer Federal Republic of Germany

In the spotlight

Alexander was born in Moscow, and obtained his musical education at the Central School for musically gifted children attached to the Moscow State Conservatory, at the Moscow Tchaikovsky State Conservatory and at the High School of Music in Hamburg.

Alexander Kashin is a laureate of several International musical competitions: "Concertino Praga" (former Czechoslovakia, 1987, second prize), National Russian Cello Competition in Krasnodar (1989, Diploma), "Elise-Meyer Competition" in Hamburg (1997, second prize), "Sonates de Vierzon" in France (1997, fourth prize). Further he got awards from „Alfred Toepfer“ Foundation, Rotary Club Hamburg, Oscar-und-Vera-Ritter - Foundation in Hamburg,  „SINFONIMA“ Foundation of Mannheim and State Baden – Württemberg Foundation .

A. Kashin's concert activity coveres Russia, Europe, Brazil, Argentina and South Korea. He plays as a soloist with such orchestras as the Hamburger Symphoniker, Mozart Orchestra Hamburg, Symphony Orchestra Flensburg, Philharmonic Orchestra of Lugansk, Zaporozhye Philharmonic Orchestra and Odessa Chamber Orchestra (Ukraine), Moscow Chamber Orchestras "The Seasons" and "Exellente", Chamber Orchestra „Waldbronn“ (Germany), among others.

He has participated in numerous musical festivals, the P. Casals Cellofestival in Kronberg (Germany), the Schleswig-Holsten Music Festival (Germany), the Music Festival „Hans Eisler and his followers“ (NDR-Broadcasting Hamburg, Germany), the Esbjerg International Chamber Music Festival (Denmark), the “Stars” in Moscow. He was also coorganizer of the festivals "18. Europaische  Kulturtage Karlsuhe 2006" in Germany and "The Seasons" in Moscow.

In 2003 Alexander Kashin and his friends founded the Miratrix-Quartet.

In 2005 the quartet was expanded their number to 10 people and renamed to the Alt – Modern Ensemble. They went on to perform the following concerts in Germany, Russia and Switzerland and to participate in festivals "The Stars" and "The Seasons" in Moscow, "18. Europaische  Kulturtage Karlsruhe 2006" in Germany, and "Rodinka" in Geneva.

The modern composers  Lukas Matousek (former Czechoslovakia), Hans Alwin Beeck (Germany), Boris Pobiguza (Russia) dedicated to Alexander Kashin their works.

A. Kashin maintains constant pedagogic activity. He taught at the Halepaghen–School in Buxtehude and at the Sunfield Bildungsgesellschaft Kolleg in Freundenstadt (Germany) and gives master-classes in Germany and in Russia. A. Kashin is a jury–member of several international youth music competitions.

The repertoire of Alexander Kashin encompasses works from baroque through to the music of today, much of which is now available on CD.