Kaenn Gun and Show-yA

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Individual performer Japan

In the spotlight

I always consider dancing as if it was Destiny.

And I want to admit that originally it was my parents initiative.

My mother had been dancing with me since I was a child and it pushed me to start dancing.

From there on, my big dream is to become a world-renowned dancer immersed in the dance world. Maybe it was really Destiny.

I believe that dance is entertainment and that it gives people love and happiness.

In my childhood, I didn't get along well with people and had few friends. But dancing made me more confident and sociable.

Dance is everything for me.

Little things and my daily environmemt inspire me.

And then, naturally, I enter into my subconscious, and the inspiration sometimes embodies in my work and I am obsessed with dancing. It is my personality and my strength.

I can not imitate anyone, I express myself while dancing. I would like to convey my love and happiness to many people in the future.

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