"Sogdiana" chamber orchestra of Uzbek national instruments

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Creative Team Republic of Uzbekistan

In the spotlight

"Sogdiana" orchestra was established in 1991. Orchestra has a wide repertoire of more than 1,000 pieces, which include Uzbek traditional and composers' music, music of European composers of different genres and music periods. For our existence we took part in many international festivals and competitions, we had a international concert trips, f.e. Russia (1994), Kazakhstan (1995, 2010), Germany (1995, 1998, 1999, 2019), Spain (1996), France (1998), Republic of Korea (2008, 2015, 2017), Egypt (1997, 1998), USA (2002), India (2006) Austria (2019), Czech Republic (2019), Sweden (2019).

In 1996, at the XXX International Music Festival in Spain (Logroño), our orchestra won the Grand Prix and the title of Laureate, and also won the International Certificate of Excellence. In 2007, Sogdiana became a laureate of the 1st degree at the International WEB competition "Golden trophy" (USA).

For 26 years of its activity the orchestra has prepared and released 13 CD's, 7 DVD's, 4 documentaries film's and played music for movies.

All of this is an example of a cautious rapprochement of different musical landscapes that promote the activation of the dialogue between the cultures of the East and the West.

 Sogdiana orchestra had many collaborations and performances with the musicians from the over world, such as:

  • Trio of Georg Glasl, Germany (1996)
  • Rock-folk group from UK "Iron Horse" (2000)
  • American bluegrass band “Old Grey Goose”(2004)
  • Singer from China Oishamgul Mukhammad (2006)
  • Arne Jansen's Jazz Trio from Germany (2010)
  • Ensemble "Ombre e luce" from Germany (2012)
  • Laure Cortese and "The Dance Cards" from USA (2014)
  • Fabien Tehericsen (conductor) from France (2015)
  • Jazz singer from Germany Patt Aplleton (2016)
  • Tom Cohen (conductor) and Ella Daniel (singer) from Israel (2017)
  • Sok Shin (conductor) from Republic of Korea (2017)
  • Aleksei Stadler (cello) from Germany (2018)
  • Ittai Binnun, Israil (2018)
  • Trio «Where’s Africa?», Switzerland (2019)
  • Yedil and Satzhan Project, Kazakhstan (2019).

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