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Russiyana is a Company of Russian Dance and Character that has been spreading the tradition and culture of Russian Dance in Italy for years. In 2015, on the occasion of Expo, the first nucleus of the group that unites professional Russian and Italian dancers was born. To date Russiyana has grown, and proposes a show that is increasingly rich and colourful, decidedly rich and original.

The repertoire ranges from the tradition of Russia to the Ukraine, and crosses all the cultures of the East: the Gypsy folklore, pagan dances and the sound of spoons. Wheeled skirts, crowns and flowers that, through the different dances, transmit, in an authentic way, the heart of a lively and fascinating culture. Not only on stage but also through workshops for children and adults, to learn in a short time how to use spoons and shawls, to the rhythm of music and beats.

Russiyana knows how to involve the whole audience in this way: in the theatre, in the squares or at private events, with unique performances that will make the occasion more special.

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