Violin ensemble under the guidance of Askar Gumerov

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Creative Team Russian Federation

In the spotlight

A professionally performing violin ensemble under the guidance of Askar Gumerov. A professionally performing violin ensemble is a very unique music team. It differs from the traditional instrumental ensembles- quartet and quintet and chamber music orchestra. The instruments are not traditionally divided into high and low registered and there are no main and accompaniments parts. In fact, every performer of a violin ensemble is a soloist, and a sound produced while flouring together a number of similar instruments creates a very unique and beautiful timbre. The ensemble is engaged into the cultural life of Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, the Volga region and The Russian Federation. The repertoire of the ensemble consists of European, Russian, Soviet and Tatar music of different epochs and styles. We also perform popular music and jazz compositions.

The violin ensembles are very popular with the public because of its diverse and interesting repertoire, its unusual sound and from that hardly exist anywhere in the world. It follows the best traditions of the legendary violin ensemble of the Bolshoi Theatre under the guidance of Julij Reentovich and performs in the best traditions of Russia Violin School. The ensemble has won recognition with all those who appreciate music.