Vocal ensemble "Shavlego"

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“Shavlego” vocal ensemble was created on the initiative of the famous composer Jemal Adamashvili in 2005. The ensemble mainly brought together well-known performers of songs of both folk and classical genres. The purpose of the ensemble was to study and popularize Georgian folk songs as well as famous songs by Georgian composers both in Georgia and abroad,

By the age of the participants ‘Shavlego” is the oldest. Despite this fact the ensemble performed on almost all the famous stages and concert halls in Georgia. The ensemble performed with great success at various events as well as at folklore music festivals in many countries:  France, the Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia.

Today “Shavlego” consists of nine people:

  • Jemal Adamashvili;
  • Badri Gwalia;
  • Konstantin Gogaladze;
  • Leri Horse;
  • Yuri Mikaberidze;
  • Mikadze Konstantin
  • Mchedlishvili Zaur;
  • Nanobashvili Vasily;
  • Shubitidze Paata.

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