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Creative Team Republic of Burkina Faso

In the spotlight

Ensemble Artistic du Burkina Faso is a cultural, apolitical and secular society. It brings together choreographers, dancers, actors and musicians. Its goal is to promote dance and choreography in Burkina Faso, Africa and all over the world.

It aims to contribute to the development of professionalism in the performing arts. She works to understand the role of choreography in the performing arts and the use of choreography in the visual arts. Artistic Ensemble of Burkina Faso aims to create a festival constituting a framework of meeting, training and artistic expression through dance.

Resume of the Show

The Waarba, Gourmatché, Kasséna and li waaga

Are traditional dances of the main ethnic groups populating Burkina Faso. They are practiced during harvest, ceremonial events by young and old, men and women for any occasion.

The dancers are characterized by:

  • The multicolored and variegated couch
  • The endurance as they can occur for a whole night (with a break of 1/4 hour every hour).

They are accompanied in their performances by musicians: drums (tam-tam bourniers), flute "TOUTOUROU" etc, which bring a particular touch to the music.

Today, these dance pats have left the "Burkinabe" terroir to enrich the African and European cultural heritage and inspire many musicians of the modern Burkinabé song.

The action of Artistic Ensemble of Burkina Faso

African culture is rich in plurality and diversity. In the daily life of traditional African societies, and more specifically Burkina Faso, singing and dancing occupy a preponderant place. There are some on all occasions and in all ceremonies. Thus, there are many kinds of dance steps depending on the ethnic group or region of Burkina Faso.

The Company has in its repertoire a wide range of these dance steps, ranging from waarba to kassena through the djeka or senkele. There is also the gourmache, the wiire and li-waaga, as well as mandjani, etc.

That said, the company does not confine itself in performing traditional dance steps. The company also performs in contemporary and acrobatic dance, musical comedy and theater among others. She also has artists who have dealt with circus and other performing arts and the street.

For the company, the transmission of know-how is important. It is a good way to perpetuate the practice of the arts and also to allow their evolution. This is why she often strives to give training in dance as well as in music, theater, choreography, staging...

Major creations and service

  • March 2019: participation in the world folk dance festival NOMAD FESTIVAL (RIYAD)
  • July 2017: animation during the TAC Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation (Burkina -Cote Ivoire) in the banquet room Ouaga2000
  • July 2017: Launch of ORAN banquet hall Ouaga2000
  • July 2017: Nabasga Festival in Zorgho 100 km from Ouaga
  • June 2017: Night of African Football NFA halls polyvalente ouaga 2000
  • April 2016: Pendg-Wend Festival at ZORGHO
  • June 2016: Benefit on the ESSAKANE S.A website
  • July 2016: SIAO creativity room during JQN day
  • September 2016: Banquet Hall Ouaga2000 feast of army officers
  • October 2016: Royal Palm Beach Hotel
  • Choreographic creation for the Airtel Jeunes Talents contest (2014)
  • Creation «Arobase», for RTB 2012
  • Creations for the opening of Kundé (2013 and 2015)
  • Creation "Macardey" for National Culture Week 2014 (2nd prize for choreographic creation)
  • Creation "The abandoned child", for the National Week of Culture 2012 (Unicef choreographic creation prize)
  • Creation "Su-toogo or Bitterness", for the National Week of Culture 2010 (3rd place choreographic creation)
  • Creation "Le pouvoir", for the National Week of Culture 2010 (2nd prize choreographic creation)
  • Festival NOMAD en Arabie Saoudite(Riyad) mars 2019
  • Festival international de danse populaire (Sidi Bel Abbès) 2015
  • Festival de danse folklorique arabo africain de Tizi Ouzou en Algérie (2015)
  • Festival culturel international de danse contemporaine à Alger  en Algérie (2014)
  • Festival en danse contemporaine FITMO Burkina Faso (2013 et 2014)
  • Semaine nationale de la Culture (2010, 2012 et 2014)
  • Spectacles d’ouverture du Festival panafricain du Cinéma et de la Télévision de Ouagadougou (2009, 2011, 2013)

History of compagny

Although very present in all the forms of the performing arts, traditional dance remains little known and understood by the majority of spectators. Following this sad observation and after several consultations, a group of choreographers decided to set up walk the Ensemble Artistic of Burkina Faso to create a space for traditional dance that remains an essential element for any activity of the performing arts.

Goals of the company

The objectives are multiple:

  • To valorize the choreographic profession in Burkina Faso, in Africa and all over the world.
  • Contribute to the development of professionalism in the performing arts
  • Promote understanding of the role of choreography and traditional dance in the performing arts Promote the use of choreography and traditional dance in the visual arts Create a festival constituting a framework for meeting, training and artistic expression creation through the choreographic traditional dance
  • Defend the interests of choreographers

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