Re Yong

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Individual performer Republic of Cameroon


My name is RONALD YONG GANA, based in Cameroon, native of a Bali Nyonga, Northwest West region of Cameroon, born 17/02/1988, Studied project planning management and evaluation, and graduated in higher technical Diploma in Development Studies. Started music with passion as a child and was captured by afro-pop music feelings and R$B, soul, and a good dancer on both modern and traditional music etc.

Presently undergoing music lessons online. Am an afro pop producer with the title; *No.1 King* beatz and a stage performer/singer with the title; *35DIGRIZ, ALPHA JET* , presently not sign to a label but working with a home label pure sound music, based in Cameroon.

I have released a couple of songs on YouTube in both the label channel and private channel and have a pack of muscle still not released. My hobby, love playing football, swimming and watching movies.

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