Sokobana Performing Arts Company

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Creative Team Republic of Sierra Leone


The Sokobana performing arts company as they are commonly called was founded by Mr. Osman Kamara, Fatmata Barrie. Mr. Simeon Nat-Jonh and Mr. Gibril Kamara .Based in the capital city of Freetown Sierra Leone West Africa. The group was formed on the 27th September 2010 with 25 members. The Sokobana performing arts company  combines Story Telling, Puppetry, Song, traditional Music, Mask Dancing, group Dancing and Dance Drama to present the Traditional Culture of Sierra Leone. Today the 50 strong Sokobana performing arts company  is comprised of Award winning dancers and musicians who have had the great honor of representing the Republic of Sierra Leone in over 20 major International folk festivals and events throughout Eastern and Western Europe, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, South Korea, Taiwan, China and the United States since 2010.They have won several trophies and awards, both National and Internationally.

The Sokobana performing arts company  is a fulltime member of International Council of Folk Festivals and Traditional Arts Organizations (CIOFF) IOV, C.I.D and also a member of International sport and culture (ISCA).The Repertoire Performed by The Sokobana performing arts company  reflects the distinction between the four major indigenous tribes in Sierra Leone. In 2010 the Sokobana performing arts company  became a full time Performing Arts Company in Sierra Leone, a remarkable feat of group of artists who had been together, their focus is on establishing, advancing and preserving an authentic performing folklore group for all Sierra Leonean to be proud of.

Since 2010 the Sokobana performing arts company  are organizers of one of Sierra Leone’s biggest annual festivals (Kabudu Summer Festival) with the theme performing arts for our People. The Objective of the Sokobana performing arts company  is to preserve our Sierra Leonean Cultural Identity and to foster friendship, understanding and appreciation for humanity’s diver’s racial, ethnic and cultural heritage through the International Languages of Music and dance.