Shebre Musical and Dance group

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Creative Team Republic of Ghana


SHEBRE, which literally means, “DESTINY”, is a traditional Music and Dance group based in Accra, the republic of Ghana, West Africa.

Mr. Peter Assenyoh founded the group in 2001, to re-invoke the African and Ghanaian rich tradition and Culture through Indigenous Music and Dance.

The group uses traditionally crafted musical instruments to entertain its audience and does live performances.

Shebre, has about 45 performers who made up the membership and has performed in Festivals and many Ceremonies both home and abroad, for instants, Israel, Cyprus, South Korea, Chile, Peru, Turkey, Egypt (DRUM FESTIVAL), Nigeria, Benin, Togo, South Africa, Ivory Coast and Cameroon and We are the sole group that support RENEW GHANA, a Non-Governmental organization which promotes the safety on our roads and saving lives initiatives and by the help of The Ghana Road Safety Commission.

Shebre Musical and Dance Group, has done over 100 shows in Ghana and all those mention destinations.

We aim to portray African tradition to the World through music and dance, which is our Destiny, and to tap and develop the talents of young people as an employment for them.


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