Diar Folk Music and Dance group

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Creative Team Islamic Republic of Iran


The group has started its activities since 2013 with various concerts in the cities of Tehran, Bushehr, Shiraz, Ahwaz.

The group is made up of experienced and international musicians and dancers in many countries such as France, Italy, Malaysia, Russia, Morocco, Qatar, India, Turkey, UAE.

The activities of this group are based on research on music and dances of Bushehr province and new compositions, which has participated in various festivals in this way.

Performances and concerts abroad:

  • Oman (Thalala - Muscat) summer of 2014
  • Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) summer of 2016
  • Italy (Calabria - Rome) summer of 2015 joint with the Leymer Group
  • Russia (Volgodonsky - Moscow) Summer of 2010 (members of the Neyameh Group in the form of the Leymer Group)
  • India (Bangalore-Delhi) Spring of 2011 with Heron Group
  • UAE (Abu Dhabi - Sharjah - Ras Al Khaimah) 2010 and 2011 in the form of the Herron Group
  • France 2016
  • Spain 2017
  • Georgia 2018
  • France 2018
  • Armenia 2018
  • Greece 2019
  • Turkey 2019
  • Country Concerts:
  • Bushehr (2013-2014-2015-2016-2017)
  • Tehran July of 2017
  • Ahwaz (2014and2016)
  • Shiraz (2013)
  • Mahshahr (2016)
  • Kangan and Khormoj (December 6th 2017)
  • Mashhad 2018
  • Boushehr  2019
  • Kangan 2019
  • Theran 2020
  • Boushehr 2020
  • Thirty-third Fajr Festival in Tehran

The group's 2015th concert album was released in the same year by registering the national library. Participating in the Zagros festival of the year 2015 is also in the group's work.

Diar Music and Dance Group has the ability to hold 150 minutes of concerts with different dances and music

The director and Corograph of Diar Arash Nadi Group has more than 25 years of experience in the field of dance and music

Arash Nadi is a composer and poet and Corograph of the group's dance

The Bandari & Shap  albums expected in 2004 and BUSHEHRIOM in2010 with the voice of the Gholamreza Vzan ,the singer of the DIAR group is now available on the marketand Diar Sjerji's album is composed by Arash Nadi from the group at Mix and Master stage.

Songs published singly:

Doshmane SHekaron, Tamanaye Baroon, Iran, Dige Nashom, Joume Narenji, Diarom Bushehr, Pilisouk, Si Bushehr, kHalou Hossein Dashti, Ashnaye Dardam

Group stage performances:

Langar, CHelchele Bade SHomal, Si CHishyarom, Hanabandan, Dadi Bar Badam, Joumeh Narenji, KHayamkhani, Morakabkhani, Delshoreh, 2 Zolfonet Bood Tare Robabam,Helemali, Yazlekhani, Tare Robab, Mahfeli, Raqse molodi

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