The festival-contest "WORLD FOLK.VISION" represents the annual three-day final show (the quarter finals, the semifinals, the finals) - competition of different genre performers in two age categories: the adult contest World Folk Vision and the children's contest World Folk Vision - Kids on the best world venues using world media space and IT technologies in the following areas: dance, song, instrumental performance, show of fashion designers, original genre (non-standard form of art or entertainment show). The contest "WORLD FOLK.VISION" has a detailed set of rules, which were established by the governing body of the competition - The Eurasia Council on culture, science and education.
  • The main name of the show is "World Folk Vision", followed by the year of the qualifying stages and preparation of the country where it is taking place. Permission is granted to use the translation of the name of the competition in its national language.
  • The competition consists of three shows: the quarter finals, the semifinals and the finals. Each show is broadcast live in the host country and on Internet TV.
  • Competitions are divided into two age categories: children's (WFV-Kids) and adults (WFV) and are held on two separate concert venues.
  • Each show is a modern multimedia production of world class and consists of consecutive performances of different genre artists representing their country, selected through regional or national selection of Live or On line
  • The competition attracts producers, scouts and representatives of the world-class show business for organizing cooperation with the finalists of the show.
  • The distribution of participating countries to the semi-finals is accomplished through the selection by the advisory committee of the Council for Culture of the Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization. The show is held in English and in the language of the country in which it is conducted.
  • Each country receives a quota for participation in the final events of the WFV competition. Quotas for member countries are determined by the International Council.
  • Winners of the World Festival-Contest of National Cultures and Art WORLD FOLK VISION have the right to take part in the festival-contest once in 3 years.