The names of the winners of the International Children's Competition "The Best Children of the Eurasia 2021" - a large, bright, anticipated event, impressive in its scale, solemnity and spectacle, have been announced.

The project "The Best children of the Eurasia 2021" – a special program of the Global Cultural Initiative "World Folk Vision" for children and youth was held in the city of Belek, Turkish Republic from 1st to 5th  of November.

"The Best Children of the Eurasia" is a bright, interesting in form and content children's competition brought together talented children from many cities and different countries of the world. In an atmosphere of friendship and creativity, the participants were able to exchange experiences, work out in master classes, see and evaluate the competitive performances their peers.

The annual children's creative project "The Best Children of the Eurasia" is aimed at creating conditions for the formation of artistic and aesthetic taste in children and modern youth, the development and promotion of performing and visual arts, creating conditions for the development and manifestation of creative activities of creative teams, identification, recognition and encouraging authors and performers among children and youth, creating conditions for strengthening creative exchange between individual participants and creative teams from around the world.

The International Children's Competition “The Best Children of the Eurasia” is a cultural project within the framework of the Global Cultural Initiative “World Folk Vision”, which opens new horizons, amazing perspectives and gives children a chance to be simply noticed. Such large-scale, time-honored initiatives not only help children in need of attention to fulfill their cherished dream, gain confidence in themselves, in their talent and creative abilities.

Uniting children from different countries, the international competition "The Best Children of the Eurasia" is rightfully famous for its rich program, originality and variety of genres, and the skill of performers. And most importantly - a huge number of guests.

There are many musically gifted children and youth in different countries of the world, but even the rarest talents need favorable conditions for self-realization, exchange of experience and further creative and professional growth. These are the opportunities that the participants of "The Best children of the Eurasia" get.

The international jury named the winner - nine-year-old Russian girl Evangelina Melnikova won the competition "The Best Children of the Eurasia 2021". Contestants from various countries of the continent - the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and other regions of Greater Eurasia - applied for it. Prior to that, Melnikova, like all participants in the international stage, passed the selection at the national level, winning competitions in her homeland.

This is not the first victory of Evangelina Melnikova. In 2020, she won the Grand Prix of the Little Miss World Russia competition, which allowed her to represent the country at the international level.

The goal of the project "The Best Children of the Eurasia" is to develop respect and decency, honesty and professionalism, solidarity and culture in the younger generation. The creative and socially responsible activity of the project is to create new opportunities for children and youth. Human capital is a key link in the socio-economic development of any country and is a leading factor in the development of civilization. Investments in the development of children from a very early age are most effective and determine the development prospects of different countries.

The objective of the project is civil-patriotic and spiritual-moral education of children and youth, the formation of a constructive dialogue of cultures and arts of numerous peoples of different countries of the world, the discovery of new names and new works, the provision of opportunities for the popularization and display of children's creative projects, the harmonization of interethnic and interethnic relations, strengthening friendly ties between peoples of different countries and continents, creation of conditions for the development and creative potential of children and youth, development and popularization of culture, by holding qualifying festivals and competitions and using modern television, computer and other information technologies.

The current Competition was held in a festive atmosphere and will be remembered for a long time by all those present. The children's competition has become a bright, memorable event of the passing year and will help children realize their creative potential.

“The Best Children of the Eurasia 2021” drew the attention of the international community to the problems of the younger generation, became a good professional school for gifted children. The competition gave children moments of joy and inspiration, convinced them of the correctness of the chosen path, and became a significant and bright event in cultural life.

Given that the competition was held in a pandemic, security measures were taken at the competition sites to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19). At the main entrance to the theater, body temperature was monitored (thermometry). The admission of spectators to the events of the competition was carried out only with the availability of personal protective equipment (masks).

Creating new opportunities for children and youth, the Global Cultural Initiative "World Folk Vision" is aimed at creative and socially responsible activities, and the competition "The Best Children of the Eurasia" as an integral part of the International Initiative has rightfully earned high international public authority and recognition took an important place in a number of cultural, socially significant international events.

We sincerely wish the young talents success, creative victories, and all the best!

Document: Regulations of the organization and conduct of the international children's festivals-contests "The Best Children of the World"