The World Festival of National Cultures and Arts "World Folk Vision" Fashion Sochi 2019 was held in the Russian city of Sochi, September 17-19, 2019.

The Sochi stage affected the direction of fashion art and became a new independent direction in a series of international open-air festivals-contests within the framework of a single global brand of the World Folk Vision, a festival of national cultures and arts.

“World Folk Vision” Fashion Sochi 2019 has gathered a serious professional audience of  participants from around the world, exhibitors and visitors.

The Sochi phase of the World Festival-Contest has become a place for communication between international designer brands, clothing manufacturers, retailers, buyers, pr-, marketing and event agencies, photographers, stylists, visual merchandisers, popular bloggers and journalists.

The task of World Folk Vision Fashion is to independently assess the highest professional achievements in the field of formation and development of the fashion industry and determine the best ones. This task was set by the organizers.

All participants showed the advantages of their collections in the effective combination of manufactured clothes with other brands, the relevance of style decisions and the possibility of its quick implementation in retail outlets.

The participants were evaluated by the professional International Jury: Olga If (Spain), Polina Ganzina, Susanna Makerova (Khunagova), Anastasia Yarygina (Chair), Maya Kvantaliani, as well as Irina Rychkova, art director of the World Folk Vision Fashion project, designer and founder of the fashion house IrmaViner in Sochi.

The competition was extremely intense; the collections scored an identical amount of points. The jury deliberated for a long time, but made an objective, independent correct decision.

Summing up the results of the Competition, the members of the International Professional Jury noted that the level of works exhibited for the contest is constantly growing every year, and themes and stylistics are increasingly oriented towards the realities of production and consumer demand.

The international jury evaluated the participants in various areas: knitwear, outerwear, costume group, men's, women's, children's, sportswear, underwear and hosiery, home clothes, denim, leather goods and shoes.

Many international experts in the field of fashion noted the high creative level of the World Festival-Contest WFV Fashion (Sochi 2019), which was due to the participation in it as an honorary Chairman, legendary specialist - fashion historian, Alexander Vasiliev and leading international experts in the field of fashion industry.

The fashion industry is inextricably linked with the manufacturing industry and is of great importance in the processes of development of light industry. The Sochi stage has shown a very high reputation, it has a wide geography of participants and may soon become one of the world leaders in the most powerful competitions focused on professional standards in the field of fashion.

WFV Fashion (Sochi 2019) presented a festive atmosphere, extravaganza of colors, images, outfits and, most importantly, a joyful, excited mood of guests, participants and numerous spectators.

For several days, the venue for the WFV Fashion (Sochi 2019) turned into a huge dressing room. Styles, fabrics, colors - an incredible flight of imagination and a choice for the most demanding taste. Qualitatively executed and original collections could be admitted to the third stage - a fashion show. Only one contestant, the best of the best, was able to walk the podium in the finals, receive the Grand Prix and the treasured bronze statuette “Goddess Muse”, as well as a winner’s check for a total of 500,000 Euros for Worldwide promotion of his brand in the international information space and in foreign countries in mass media.

All participants of the WFV Fashion World Festival-Competition (Sochi 2019) received personalized Laureate certificates; the winners received valuable gifts and prizes.

The participants and guests expressed the general opinion that the WFV qualifying stage in Sochi was perfectly organized. Participants-competitors showed a full range of directions: both traditional ethnic numbers and reconstruction of the folk costume, as well as modern performances and collections of stylish urban and home clothes with ethnic elements were presented.

The international jury particularly noted the work, which used the ancient techniques of gold embroidery, complex bead decor and weaving. The most interesting collections were shown by Fomenko Alina, Lemeshaev Elvira (Collection “Island”), Munis Zakirov from Uzbekistan (Collection “Honzodabegim”), Angelina Tabunnikova (Collection “Era of the Aquarius”), Lidia Budishcheva (Collection “Amazon of Yakutia”), Bagdat Aklbekova from Kazakhstan (Collection "Magnificent Asia"), Aliya Tuktusheva (Collection "Hafiz"), Irina Orlova (Collection "Songs of the Forest"), Gulnara Kasymova (Collection "Spirit of the Great Steppe"), Diana Mitina (Collection "Tamatarha").

Of great interest to numerous viewers and members of the International Jury was the Else Wagini Hardjopawiro collection from the Netherlands.

Nomination Theater Mod:

  • Bagdat Akylbekova (Kazakhstan) - 1 prize,
  • MBUDO "Center of Arts" SHARM "(Kazan) - 2 prize,
  • Dikovina Art Studio (Yekaterinburg) - 3rd Prize

Nomination Designers:

  • Aliya Tuktusheva (Hafiz Collection) Kazakhstan - 1 prize,
  • Fomenko Alina, Lemeshaeva Elvira (Collection "Island) Russia - 2 prize,
  • Elze VanElse (Collection "Celebration") (Netherlands) - 3rd prize.

The Grand Prix:

  • Dance and Costume Theater "EDEGEI" (Collection "Deng Tengri") Republic of Tuva