As part of the presentation of cultural traditions of peoples, we present an amazing event in Bulgaria. International Festival of Masquerade Games Surva. This annual event, held in late January - early February in the city of Pernik, located 30 km from Sofia.

The main theme of the festival is the extraordinary costumes and dances that the Bulgarians inherited from the Thracian heritage. Dancing "Kukeri" is an ancient Bulgarian ritual performed by men and women in suits and masks of terrible creatures decorated with a lot of bells of copper and brass. People who are not familiar with this tradition may find that these are wild dancers who are the embodiment of evil. But this is not so, on the contrary, the kukeri are fighters against evil. They use their bells and scary masks as "weapons" against evil spirits hiding in damp cellars and attics. Kukeri visit local houses, frightening evil spirits and driving them away, thereby bringing good luck and happiness to the family. Spectators can also try on the role of the kukeri, trying on a suit that will forever drive out the evil and pretty amuse everyone.