The international competition of musical mastery within the World festival competition of national cultures and art of WORLD FOLK.VISION (Antalya 2017) has taken place in the Republic of Turkey on November 5-7, 2017.

As a result of regional and national selections (casting) representatives of the following countries, republics, Regions of the World have participated In the Final of the World competition WORLD FOLK. VISION in Antalya: HUNGARY, BELGIUM, YAKUTIA (Russia), FRANCE, ALTAI (Russia), TURKEY, ISRAEL, LUXEMBOURG, VOLGA REGION (Russia), BELARUS, UDMURTIA (Russia), UKRAINE!

As winners of the International competition of musical mastery are recognized:

  • Fikret Sahin (TURKEY) — The Best Male Voice
  • Yana Philipova (ALTAY — RUSSIA) — The Best Female Voice
  • German Orlov (ISRAEL) — in category The Best Show Artist
  • Alexander Yasen (YAKUTIA — RUSSIA) — The Best Ethnics Artist