On June 1st – during the International Children's Day in the State Kremlin Palace will take place the official ceremony to celebrate Children's Day - the concert "World Folk Vision - Happiness" with children of winners of various festivals. The concert is organized by the producer center "Young Artist" and is the national stage of the World Project World Folk Vision-kids, with representations in 80 countries.

Participants of the concert will receive awards from various popular artists. It can be a great gift for children from the creative environment - the opportunity to speak on the main site of the country, which for many people is associated with a fairy tale and Ded Moroz; and to receive deserved awards and warm words of support from their idols.

Children's Day is a good reason for each of us to think about the problems of childhood, about the possibilities of overcoming them, with the realization that the right approach to solving childhood issues is building the foundation of a huge state building and its socio-political orientation. The task of the state and all organizations, including commercial ones, is the creation of a strong and developed institution of childhood with legal and socio-economic instruments. On the foundation of the solution of these problems is the personality of the child himself, who needs different fields of activity, including involvement in the cultural process as the basis of moral education and spiritual code of the nation.

In each country there are national problems in the field of education of the younger generation. The experience of Russian state and commercial structures related to the organization of children's leisure and additional education is in many respects interesting for most countries of the world. To this end, official representatives of countries are invited to the concert to get acquainted with the positive Russian practices of the "Happy Childhood" project.

Correct education and orientation of children to patriotism, the development of diverse interests, the ability to empathize and help, work in a team and much more are tasks that are solved in the creative collectives of the regions of the country, especially those who need support for their implementation. The organizers of the event realize this opportunity and give "happiness" to be seen and heard in the heart of their beloved country - in the Kremlin!

The concert is charitable, in which the best creative groups from different parts of the country, popular stars of the Russian stage and cinema will take part. Famous politicians, as well as Extraordinary plenipotentiary representatives of states, representatives of business circles will give a welcoming speech. Spectators of the event will be large families, children accompanied by parents, who received invitations through the Moscow Government and Russian funds.

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