General rules for participants


  • Performers from 17 years are invited to participate in the main competition (World Folk Vision).
  • Performers under 16 years are invited to participate in the children's competition (World Folk Vision - Kids). Age of WFV kids  is up to 16 years of age (inclusive) on a day of a competition.
  • Participants who have passed the selection in regional and national competitions and who have received Certificates of Finalists of regional and national competitions are allowed to the Final of the festival-competition. The finalist's certificate is awarded to the contestants who have passed qualifying rounds in the format Live or On line.
  • Preliminary selection of participants is carried out on the basis of official applications, creative recommendations and materials provided for the Contest.
  • The regional director coordinates the selection process at the regional level.
  • Participation in the selection process at the national level is coordinated by the national director
  • To participate in the qualifying round, you must register on the contest website following the instructions.
  • The performance of the number should be the same in all rehearsals and live shows.
  • Any performer can represent any country, even without being a citizen of the country.
  • The Contractor has the right to submit a video clip with an out-of-competition number to the site in the Top10 column of the week to create an image of the artist. The International Commission decides to publish a video of the artist.
  • Violations of the generally accepted rules and norms of etiquette and morality, indecent behaviour, provocative actions, appearances with content of contentious political motives are prohibited.
  • Political statements and commercial messages are banned.
  • The costs associated with the travel of the Contestant and accompanying persons for the preparation phase and back, their registration, payment of medical insurance, is provided by the contestant party.
  • The participant of the contest guarantees his / her rights to use the declared works. All the relationships on copyright and related rights with the Author's societies and other organizations involved in their protection, related to this contest, the parties bear on their own.
  • A contest participant allows the WFV Contest to use his image and his name in the production of promotional products, including broadcasting his speech in the media for the advertising purposes of the Contest.
  • The participant of the competition grants the WFV the right to publicly use the works (materials submitted for the Contest) and demonstration in information, advertising and other purposes;