Diego Cavani

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Creative Team Oriental Republic of Uruguay

In the spotlight

We will never forget "Chalchaleros" in our country and we pay tribute to the Chlachas for their trajectory of progress in singing but above all for their contribution in our culture.

They inspired people with their voices and that is why our folklore remains strong and beautiful.

The greatness of their songs has not faded with the passing of the years. they are still some of the main pillars in this and that’s why Andanzas Del Sur decides to make a painting with them singing.

«Grupo de danzas y malambo andanzas del sur» - the group of dances and malambo andanzas of the south was created on december 14, 2002 in Las Piedras,under the direction of Diego Cavani. It was declared of tourist and cultural interest in 2006. Over these years we have worked in the interior and outside of the country, merging both categories : youth and adult.

Acting separately and together , presenting the different methods and styles that can be realized within folklore in a diverse range that gives the viewer a dynamic and entertaining vision, and above all, cultural and educational. Young people have pictures of malambo. It also features paintings of dances like - zitarrosa, and paintings of traditional dances show 2020.

In our country we will never forget "Chalchaleros".