Lotysh Anna

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Individual performer Ukraine

In the spotlight

I'm Anna Lotysh, Ukrainian singer.  Folklorist. I was born 29.08.1993. I'm 26 years oldest. I studied in Kiev National university culture and art.  Vocalist.

I study Ukrainian folklore. I have a personal archive of songs I recorded.  I am a laureate of international vocal competitions and festivals (Finland, Hungary, France, Poland, Slovakia ...). In 2018: 2 solo concerts in Poland (Kielce). Ukrainian folklore. I have an antique suit. She sang in the student folk ensemble "Kralytsa". I worked in the military orchestra of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. I am engaged in charitable work.

I regularly finding for rare and old songs, rituals in folklore expeditions and sing these songs on stage. In this year I'm 20 years in the stage.

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