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The “KARSHIAKA” Ensemble, from the beautiful city of Skopje-Macedonia is rich of artistic values of national and international level. It includes the most virtuous and well-known artists of the Skopje region, such as; singers, dancers, folk players.traditional instruments of drum and two curla and interpreters of the  folkloric songs.

The Ensemble history commences since 1993 and it still protects the best of the region's artistic treasures having natural resources and authentic folk, which is considered as one of the most beautiful in Macedonia.

During the years, the Ensemble has grown professionally, participating in every activity in which it is honored with the gold medal and the championship. Another experience has been the participation in the international activities. Some of the most successful activities are those in; Katara-Doha, Barcelona, North Cyprus, Bosnia, Turkey, France, Albania, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia etc. In the participation of the Festivals in Turkey, France, Hungary, Kosovo and Albania our Ensemble has won the championship.

The ensemble is full member of CIOFF NATIONAL SECTION IN MACEDONIA which has the right to apply and to join the CIOFF festivals around the world. Today, the structure of the Ensemble is made of singers, dancers, the orchestra, the folkloric group, the rearward and the directors of the Ensemble.

The group of the dancers is one of the most successful formations of the Ensemble having a repertoire folk-dancing from the Albanian regions, which are rich of choreographic and emotional elements, being inspired
form the old folk-dancing and represent with virtuosity the creative spirit of the art-loving people of this region, a region full of traditional folk. Despite this dancing, the dancers of our Ensemble interpret folk-dancing of regions of   Macedonia, Albanian, Kosova which have a very beautiful and difficult repertoire.
The Ensemble “KARSHIAKA” organizes many activities during all the year enriching continuously its repertoire. It is composed of 80 artists of different genre, but in activities and festivals it participates with a limited group realizing its repertoire with quality and participating with dignity in very activity (according to the kind of activity and to the requests of the organizers).
The historic of the Ensemble of “KARSHIAKA”, is vast and very successful, but we have chosen some of its best artistic activities and we would be very grateful if you would wish any specific information regarding to the life of this Ensemble.

We are ready to reply to any of your requests including video cassettes and records from our participations in some of the national and international activities, where our Ensemble has represented part of the Albanian folk in Macedonia, which make up the pantheon of the unrepeatable art of this ancient and art-loving people.
Also our Ensemble organizes international folk dance festival since 2007. International folk dance festival SKUPI now is much known for many countries as one of the best festivals in Macedonia. Countries participants during years like Mexico, Argentina, Ukraine, Romania, Turkey, North Cyprus, Sweden, Kosovo, Albania, Kyrgyzstan, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Croatia. 

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