Yengglik Kairatkyzy

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Individual performer Republic of Kazakhstan

In the spotlight

My name's Yengglik Tileuli. I'm from Kazahkstan. I graduated Kazakh National University of Art. I'm a laureate of national and international competitions among professional musicians.

I won 1st place in the international competition entitled “Folklore without a border” held in the Republic of Bulgaria, Dobrich-Albena in 2010. I went on a concert tour with the orchestra of the Kazakh National University of Arts in France, Turkey, Bulgaria, etc.

I created my folklore ensemble “Mangilik Saryn” /it means 'An eternal music or sound'/ and my musical group performed at EXPO-2017.

A kuy played by me on the Dobrych Albena radio,  was recorded and stored in the radio archive. My several own kuy was stored the gold fund of the our national radio Shalkar in 2018.

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