Fraternidad Artística Cultural Lazos Amazonences

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Creative Team Republic of Peru

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The Lazos Amazonences Cultural Artistic Fraternity, with headquarters in the city of Chachapoyas - Amazonas - Peru; is an institution dedicated to the dissemination and as a promoter of the customs and traditions of Peru through folk dances, prints, music and theater, representing localities, regions and the entire country in socio-cultural events held in Peru as in abroad arriving in 2019 to participate in the opening of the Lima 2019 Pan American Games, participate in international events such as Costa Rica, Colombia, Honduras and Mexico

We are recognized through resolutions and certificates by public culture identities

  • Amazonas Regional Government / DREA 2018;
  • Superior School of Art and Culture Fine Arts 2018;
  • Chachapoyas Provincial Municipality 2019;
  • Ministry of Culture 2020.

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