Ensemble "Tsvetnitsa"

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Ensemble "Tsvetnitsa" was created 50 years ago. The ensemble consists of two dance groups for folk dances, a group for folk people. The ensemble takes part in many municipal city, national and international holidays and festivals. This is evidenced by the large number of awards won. The amateurs from the ensemble are actively involved in recreating customs such as Christmas, Lazarus, Surva, etc. Thanks to the hard work of amateurs and their leaders, the repertoire of ensembles and artistic groups is constantly renewed and enriched, there is continuity between generations.

Awards won - Golden Plaque from "Orpheus Holidays" 2007. Golden Orpheus from "Balkan Folk" Tsarevo, "Balkan Folk" Veliko Tarnovo, winner of the festival, "Pautalia" 2008. first place at a festival in Ribaritsa, Teteven, Gold Medal Koprivshtitsa first place, Poland, Zakopane - Silver Ax Macedonia - Skopje first place bastard Bergama Turkey - golden pound and other awards and diplomas from regional reviews and fairs.

Ensemble "Tsvetnitsa" is the organizer of the international folklore festival "Tsvetna pletenitsa"

The leader of the ensemble is Ivaylo Alexiev

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