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In the spotlight

"Full Dance" is an association of the latest generation, meeting the modern needs of those who want to dance. Established in 2006 it unites the schools by: street dance and break dance; sports dances; Mtv dancing; Latino dances; characteristic dances; Bulgarian folk dances.

Thus, united in diversity, the school has a rich repertoire of dancing and an independent concert program of over two hours.

At the moment we dance over 100 children and adults, trained daily in different dance genres.

The school is a member of the Bulgarian Sports Dance Federation, Association of Dance Practitioners, Bulgarian Folklore Association, European association of folklore festivals and International Dance Organization. This allows children to compete and participate in numerous Bulgarian and international competitions and festivals.

Dancers from "Full Dance" take part in numerous competitions and festivals in Bulgaria and abroad. They have won over 150 awards.

In 2014, "Full Dance" managed to reach the quarterfinals of "Bulgaria got talent".

In 2015 the girls from the school are semi-finalists in "Bulgaria got talent", where with their incredible dances they managed to impress the jury and the audience.

In 2017 School take part in 19th Beijing Tourism festival in China.

In 2018 Dance school “Full dance” won First place in international festival “Creative discovery” in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

In 2018 School take part in 15th International festival “Udbhav Utsav” in Gwalior India.

In 2019 Dance school “Full dance” will take part in International festivals in Hurghada, Egipt on March, In Rimini, Italy on May and In Bangkok, Thailand on June.  

Dance School "Full Dance" has established itself as one of the best in Sofia and today we have groups for children and adults in five regions of Sofia!

Head of the school is Mr. Ivaylo Aleksiev.