Maria Kappa

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Individual performer Russian Federation


Maria Kappa (Moscow) is a professional singer who works in different styles (jazz, Blues, Latin , rock and roll, pop and retro pop, in European and Russian versions).

Winner of numerous competitions and festivals. Participant Of the international festival of young Pop song performers – Slavyansky Bazar in Vitebsk (2006)

On the professional stage for more than 20 years. She has collaborated with numerous line-UPS in various styles, as well as working with cons and cover projects. Worked in projects of Alexander Ross and with his production center. Collaborated with Ivan KIT.... and with many other stars and projects. I work with the Honored Artist of Russia, composer and arranger Alexander Kukushkin. I perform his original songs. I work with Nikolai Finogentov (HELIKON OPERA). I have extensive experience in Studio work, both solo parts, and backing vocals and vocal arrangements.

In 2004, she recorded and released an author's CD called "MYTH" by gr. KARAMBOL, where she was the author, composer and performer of this musical and song material.

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