Who's getting the award?

The World Award in the field of Culture and Art “World Folk Vision” is awarded to individuals, groups of citizens (stateless persons) regardless of the national and social origin, language, gender, political, religious or other beliefs, place of residence, property status, education, profession or other circumstances, as well as business entities, regardless of the legal form of ownership, as a sign of worldwide recognition of their exceptional achievements.

The following Committees are formed as part of the International Council for the Award:

Selection Committee;

Committee of literature and book publishing;

Committee of architecture;

Design Committee;

Committee of cinema, radio, television;

Committee of musical and choreographic art;

Theatrical art committee;

Committee of pop and circus art;

Committee of photo art;

Committee on science and education;

Committee of Cultural Heritage, Crafts and Crafts;

Committee of the art and fashion industry;

Committee for the music industry and technology;

Committee of cultural and entertainment events.