Directions of the nominations of the World Award in the field of Culture and Art “World Folk Vision” are:

fiction, cinematography, stage, musical art, architecture and design, photo art, other types and genres of art;

folk arts and crafts, folk culture in such manifestations as languages, dialects, folklore, customs and rituals, historical toponyms;

amateur art;

museum work and collecting;

book publishing and librarianship, as well as other cultural activities related to the creation of print works, their distribution and use, archival work;

television, radio and other audiovisual media in the part of the creation and dissemination of cultural property;

aesthetic education, art education (enlightenment);

identification, study, protection, restoration and use of historical and cultural monuments;

scientific research affecting the field of culture and art;

cultural events;

international cultural cooperation;

fashion industry;

multimedia projects;

cultural and educational projects in the field of library, museum, folk, literary creativity, theatrical, musical, visual arts and in other areas affecting the sphere of culture;

production of materials, equipment, musical instruments, goods and other means necessary for the preservation, creation, distribution and development of the cultural property;

other activity, as a result of which cultural values ​​are preserved, created, distributed, promoted and mastered.