The World Award in the field of Culture and Art “World Folk Vision” is an integral part of the Global Cultural Initiative “World Folk Vision” for promoting cultural projects in global international markets. It supposes to  expand  the international cultural cooperation, established by the Eurasia Council for Culture, Science and Education as part of the implementation of the provisions Of the Rome Convention "On Cooperation in Eurasia on Culture, Science and Education" adopted on August 3, 2017, the Doha Declaration "The Action Plan of the Council of Eurasia on  Culture, Science and Education”, adopted on October 17, 2019 and is one of the activities within the framework of the implementation of the provisions of the Charter of the Global Cultural Initiative “World Folk Vision”.

The World Award in the field of Culture and Art” World Folk Vision” is awarded:

for outstanding services, a significant contribution to the development of culture, art, spiritual and artistic values ​​of world culture, preservation of peace and mutual understanding between peoples;

for the most outstanding, talented, distinguished by novelty and originality, innovative literary works, works of fine , decorative and applied art, musical works, works of theatrical and circus art, works of audiovisual arts, architecture and design, which have received  the worldwide public recognition, which are a significant contribution to the world culture that worthily develops and updates its ideological, aesthetic and artistic traditions, enrich the spiritual life of people fatherland, contribute to the affirmation of universal values, ideas of humanism, elevate the world authority of national cultures and art;

for outstanding educational activities in the field of culture and art (programs and projects in the field of library science, museum activities, art education, art history and cultural studies, preservation of cultural heritage sites and the development of national cultures);

for the creation of talented, innovative and original creative projects and works for the younger generation in the field of culture and art;

for the contribution to the development of folk art, outstanding creative achievements in the field of preservation and development of folk art traditions, active educational and pedagogical activities aimed at mastering elements of folk culture and transferring creative skills to the younger generation;

for achieving significant results in the field of quality of music, photographic products, the music industry (musical instruments, electronic musical devices,     photographic equipment, lighting, sound equipment), ensuring their safety, the introduction by business entities (manufacturers) of highly effective methods of quality management and the best world practices for managing business processes;

for the most outstanding works, scientific research, making a great contribution to the field of aesthetics, theory, practice and history of artistic creation;

for original architectural structures that have a special aesthetic universal value;

for their outstanding contribution to the publication of book copies of printed publications that have outstanding spiritual, material value, have special historical, scientific, cultural significance, are the best examples of decoration, illustrating paleographic or printing performance, replicated in various ways and / or made on unconventional materials.